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Concerning this whole pipe bursting thing... I must admit I see it as far-fetched. Firstly we do not even no for sure if pipes even run beneath the Jedi Library - I mean why would they? Have you seen any water fountains amongst the Archives? I haven't. Its also highly unlikely that in such a massive building they have pipes running everywhere, most likely a large waterway system made up of several, large pipes.

But lets assume for a moment that their are, we don't even know if they run beneath the ground. In fact its more likely that they run through the walls (pretty sure my piping does... don't quote me on that ) given that the ventilation systems do also.

But let's assume they are in the floor... buried beneath several meters of stone. I highly doubt they are close enough to the surface for Fisto to slash at the floor and cause water to come flooding out. I mean do you really see that happening? If you hacked at your floorboards with a sword would you expect a water fountain bubble up?

But let's assume in some possible universe Fisto manages to break a pipe... what exactly is it going to do, spray Kolar in the face? A burst of water isn't going to short out Kolar's saber, which would be the equivalent of rainfall. Kolar's lightsaber will have to be completed submerged in the water to short circuit. He'd have to flood the entire library, and by flood I mean flood. And that's assuming that Kolar doesn't simply move out of the way and deal Fisto a mark of contact while he's busy playing plumber.

EDIT: Note that Fisto is only able to manipulate water currents he cannot perform alter environment e.g. summon whirlpools, tidal waves etc. It would seem he's simply using telekinesis but underwater.