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Chapter 5

Merok pressed his hands together at the small of his back, looking at the holo-image of the SIS Director, Marcus Trant. The man ran a hand through his unruly white hair and sighed.

"I wish you'd brought me this information a few hours ago," Trant said.

"What's wrong, Director?" Merok asked.

"The Republic base on Corellia was attacked by black-armored soldiers, and one of Havoc Squad's members was captured. Supreme Commander Malcom is biting my head off trying to find out who they are."

"You suspect Black Sun?"

Trant nodded. "If this information is accurate, and being from Agent Shan I have no reason to doubt it is, then it is very likely."

"Would you like me to track them down?"

"No," Trant replied with a laugh. "That would take away the pleasure from Havoc Squad."

Merok smiled. "And we wouldn't want to do that."

"No, we wouldn't."

* * *

Jaesa, back turned to Quinn, removed her robe, sliding it down her back to reveal smooth skin barely covered by a two-piece bathing suit. Malavai shuddered imperceptibly and stayed where he was. Jaesa turned and looked back at him.

"Well?" she asked. "What do you think?"

Quinn squeaked. "Ah, lovely."

"Oh, come on," she said. "Take off your uniform! Let's swim!"

He adjusted his collar. "I, uh..."

Jaesa stepped onto him, pressing her chest against his. He blushed. She reached up and unbuckled his collar.

"Come on," she whispered seductively. "Just let your hair down, so to speak."

Suddenly, she shrieked in pain and fell to the ground, clutching her head. Quinn frowned–and, suddenly, found himself screaming, as well. A sonic emitter must've been activated nearby; his brain was about to explode. He reached for his blaster, felt blood pouring from his nose, and feebly got to his knees.

A squad of black-armored troopers came out of the trees. Jaesa reached for her waist, realized she'd removed her lightsaber along with most of her clothes, and gasped when a stun bolt knocked her into the water.

"Jaesa..." groaned Quinn.

He fired in the general direction of his opponents, but he was shaking too much to hit anything other than the ground. He felt a stun bolt hit him, too, and as he went down he felt hands grab his biceps and start dragging him away...

* * *

Jaesa fought the pain and wiped it away with the calming flow of the Force. She swam to the surface of the hot pool and crawled onto the land. They were gone. The black-clad soldiers, Quinn...all of them. She picked up her robe and wrapped it around her suddenly shivering body.

"I'll find you, Quinn," she promised. "But first I've got to get back to Methic."