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I am asking WHEN we are going to be getting these promised changes. I did not need to have the fact that the second part was for the future pointed out to me, I have been reading since I was in Kindergarten and being 33 yo now, I can safely say that I have some experience reading, thanks though.
"You can expect to see these on Tuesday, though if anything changes, I'll let you know. "

Apparently your 25ish years reading experience didn't help you spot the answer to your question directly above the passage you didn't need pointed out to you, or the fact in that passage, or whatever. The point is, the info was still right there. How embarrassing.

Personally, I'm right there with ya when it comes to having little patience on these fixes, considering what a huge mess BW made with the crafting for this expac (Srsly, how in the name of Joe Pesci did all this stuff get to live without being noticed? Multiple blue mats with no current purpose? C'mon....I know people that can do better than that drunk AND stoned.) IMO the fix really should be a higher priority than what seems to be communicated here. These mistakes were inexecusably bush league in the first place and the fact they somehow made it to live is mind boggling. But if that's what they're saying, then that's what they're saying. Btw don't blame Amber, she's just the messenger.
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