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Dunno if someone has already done this (even back in lv50 times o_O), but I thought I'd chime in to tell you about my bout with da big cat!

2/12/32 Sage (lv 55 naturally) with an average gear of little over 66. The first 75% of his health were really easy, he did virtually no damage to me and it was just boring to get that far. At about 25% he enraged and that's where things got interesting. I had to use Force Barrier to make sure I survived the next snowstorm, and CC-breaked away from the next. Had to heal a bit at times, but in the end I got really lucky and resisted most of his damage. Had the added help from a Rakata medpac, a Rakata Power Adrenal and the latest lv52 Willpower stim. I got him down on my second try, after realising I wouldn't pass the enrage without using my CD's more wisely.

Anyone else tried this as of late?
You have a companion.. they are useless in WorldBoss fights apart from the allowing you to use HeroicMoment/Unity abilities..
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