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I guess I am a bit confused. Do you guys really want ALL of the Flashpoints to have an obligatory "Do we kill the character?" buried somewhere in each Flashpoint.

I ran Hammer station last night as well. I enjoyed it. It never crossed my mind that there was less dialog. In fact, I'm glad there are some Flashpoints with less dialog for those groups to run that want to avoid heavy dialog Flashpoints. I hope there is an even balance of those with heavy dialogs versus those with light dialog.

Afterall, if they made every single Flashpoint have drastic moral decisions, it would not take long for that mechanic to become boring and worn out. Variety is the spice of life.
Honestly I Could see that becoming a problem however it could be solved in one of three ways:

Suck it up, if you are in a pug there is usually someone who hasn't done it before so just be patient try different dialogue options and enjoy the alignment and social points. Most Likely option

If you are in a premade that is just farming, They could add a button that disables convos and just randomized the choices, (Would be quite interesting to see) Best option imo

Or have a way to just select all your choices before hand (as you already know what the convo is and what you want to say, and just have it autopilot your rolls.) Least Likely option