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05.01.2013 , 01:29 AM | #16
i would like to see a few things in the game. maybe something like a pod racer mini game. maybe something like tournament type against player and/or CPU. and vehicles that would be upgradeable like your ship. customizable colors and look.


creature handler: someone that can tame and control a beast. for that class they would replace the companion character. they would have to have the same amount of abilities so it would be fair for everyone that isn't playing that class. they could have some attacks, but would be able to buff their beast's.

martial artist of some type: hand to hand combat. maybe uses chi or even the force. could also be a special race that could only be that class.

profession classes:

chef: to make food that gives some sort of buff. could be more hp, str, regen effect etc.

bio-engineer: someone that can take samples of creatures and possibly make them as either pets or creatures that can be used with the creature handler class.

engineer of some type. someone that can make useless but fun items to either show off or just to have fun. or maybe just add some to the profession classes that already exist.