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Video on youtube or it didn't happen.
What a useless reaction. Carry on like that and you will never imagine what good group can do. Alternatively, do one of the following things:

1) Explain what parts are giving you the most trouble, so those of us who do them with ease can give advice.

2) Ask the poster what classes they bring, what their experience is, how they do certain pulls that are difficult, and other things that might explain why they have an easy time and you do not.

Or you can continue your hysterical caterwauling and continue to struggle while other, more practically minded people do not have trouble.

Finally, I did all of them in nothing but level 50 gear as a sentinel. I DPS'd them all on a sage that wasn't all that well geared even for level 50. I have tanked most of them on a shadow who still has rakata gear. I also don't care in the slightest whether you believe me, because if you don't that does not change the fact that I have done them.

Struggle and cry, or ask and improve. The choice is yours, but continue with the former and it will not be the content that is the problem.
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