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04.30.2013 , 10:14 PM | #12
I would like to see the items from my sig, and a few new ones as follows (note that a few items might be repeated)....

Group Play

My suggestions for Group play and Group UI improvements....

Group summon tools

Encourage re-running old content...

Suggested improvements to the LFG and Flashpoint system


Heroic Kiosk by starport on every planet...

Improvements to grouping for Heroics

Solo mode for thoughts


General changes to alignment and added ability list

No droids or Jawas for creatable characters...but what about disguises?

Cartel Market

My suggestions for the market....

More suggestions for the Cartel Market

Add mechanic to allow subscribers to earn CC in game.....

Alteration of current market XP buffs

Class storylines/progression

How about advancing class stories without level increases...using companions?


My ideas for Pazaak

How I think swoop racing could work...PVE and PVP


Suggestion for force alignment...change in recharge and weapon use


My suggestions for legacy changes and/or additions...

Small change to original suggestion....Legacy Cargo/Bank

Quality of Life

General QoL suggestions

Suggested changes to social point system

What constructive changes could be made to Customization, Collections and Dyes?


New Droid and Animal companion suggestion

What if we could change our companions appearance using the kiosk?

Are there any changes that can be made to current companions to give them more appeal?


Add dye slot to weapons and speeders....

Suggestion to make every profession viable

Should there be ways to boost critical chance when crafting?


Convert all in game drop and reward armor to have the ability to be reverse-engineered...


What could make PVP more appealing overall?

An idea for PVP based on the SSSP GUI......


Add value to subscription suggestions

UI changes

What changes could be made to the UI to make it more appealing?


General idea list for game improvements

I may add more later to the list.