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04.30.2013 , 09:45 PM | #41
Why do people think it's bad for things to be a little challenging? Where's the sense of accomplishment if there's no chance of failure?

It's not that bad. Sure, it's harder than it was at 50, but that's a good thing. In level 50 flashpoints, I would hardly need to heal at all, and would be DPSing about 80% of the time. Healing them in DPS spec? No problem. No tank? No problem. 3-manning the FP? No problem. These FPs were extremely boring.

Sure, a couple bosses require cleansing. As long as you know you have to cleanse, it's easy. The Athiss boss, for example, is painfully boring, The droid laser beam is more dangerous, but still not difficult. Cleanse at 5 stacks, then cleanse again after the cast. Gil is easy (even without exploiting him) if people know his mechanics and what to do against them. Frog boss is annoying, but not too difficult (although I did think he was on my first run).

The only boss that is overly challenging is the Cademimu bonus boss, if you aren't exploiting him. And even then, I've only attempted him in one run without the exploit