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04.30.2013 , 09:44 PM | #261
--Hood up/down
--Remove cloak clipping with vehicles.
--Allow hoods with Kallig's Countenance and the Dread Master's mask from Dreadtooth
--Legacy bank tabs
--Increased mission log cap (know it ain't gonna happen)
--Ability to interact with interior in my ship/ being able to sit at a bar in a cantina
--Emote for laying down
--Less casual emote for sitting
--More easy to use crew skill interface
--Any improvement to the GTN interface
--Remove Vaiken Spacedock (less serious than other things I would like to see, but nevertheless, I would still like to see it. I'd rather be in Nar Shadda/Capital World for trading etc than Spacedock)
--Faster Seeker Droid cast. From 18s -> 12s would do.
--All moddable shells being adaptive.
--Make modding gear more interactive and remove all non-moddable gear from the game or make all non-moddable gear moddable.
--Weather that interacts with the player character. Snowstorms, sandstorms, solarflares whatever.
--Remove alignment restrictions from lightsabers.
--Allow more weapon choice for classes now that we have class icons on nameplates. I.e doublebladed for Warrior/Knight, Sniper for Trooper, Riffle for Bounty Hunter, Single-bladed for Assassin/Shadow etcetc.
--Make relics less of a stat stick (already got 3+ slots for that) and make them interesting. Have them enhance specific class abilities for example.
--Toggle to remove rockets and backpacks from Trooper/Bounty Hunter armor
--Re-adjust ship dummies to player level instead of defaulting it to lvl 55.
--Toggle to remove silly coloring effects to character. I.e. my char turns purple with 3 stacks as tanking assassin and my marauder turns red with 30 stacks. Also force choke has silly red effects. Bah, really really don't like that. I like to look at my char being awesome, not being dipped in liquid rainbow.
--Make guild members hostile in Outlaw's Den
--Mouseover healing
--Remove priority terminal

I really like where the game is going. Excited to see whats coming next.
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