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04.30.2013 , 06:43 PM | #35
I think the expected pre-requisite knowledge of some of the quirks in these flashpoints is unreasonable for pick up groups. Some of the hound packs don't spawn until the pull is triggered, which is is not very good at telegraphing danger to new groups. Trash should require tactics not strategy.

Tanks should use a cooldown when tanking large packs, or they will die. Large packs of strongs tend to be the problematic ones, but can be overcome with cooldowns if the group is ready for them. Groups of strong droids in hammer station will obliterate a tank when they all do their channeled attack, but it is nullified by deflection and saber reflect.

If a tank is not using cooldowns at the right time, a healer cannot carry them like in 50fp's. I think this is reasonable for boss encounters with specific mechanics, but not for group finder flashpoint trash.