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04.30.2013 , 03:33 PM | #2
I'm down to only needing the following and still trying to figure out the order to get them for Imperial. Torhead hasn't had any new stuff in a long time and been atleast a couple hours to days on the dulfy information.

  • Created a Dissonance Wave at Cartel Mining Mesa
  • Diverted Mercenaries to the fingers away from the Cartel Mining Mesa
  • Planted False Data in the Talam Hall of Records
  • Tracing Guilt in the smuggler's den mission - Completed 5/4/13
60 Zohkar (Guardian) 60 Sa'brina (Immortal)
60 Zankar (Shadow) 60 Selura (Corruption)
60 Zandakar (Sharpshooter) 60 Sil'mara (Operative)
60 Zanlamar (Gunnery) 60 Sondrea (Shieldtech)