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I ran 3 LVL 55 HM's yesterday, I tanked all three. This is a summary of the things I noticed that led to quite a bit of frustration. The first Atthis was flawless, no problems. This was a first run for all four of us, but everyone had good mechanics and good gear (156). The second one, we pug'ed for a DPS. We had one guy join and drop because we were "undergeared". Seriously! I guess he is one of those guys that got spoiled by running through the old FP's willy nilly. The second and third guys had a mix of greens and blue 46/48 mods. Furthermore, neither had ever run a flashpoint much less a LVL 55 HM. The second never got through the first boss because we couldn't get a decent DPS. The third run, Athiss again, was a pretty good run. The sawbones healer had a difficult time staying up, once he figured out that he needed hots on the tank just before the pull the healing became much easier. Cooldowns on the tank at very specific points, combined with de-aggro (DPS and heals) were essential.

In summary,
1. Don't come into a LVL 55 HM and expect to blow through it. The odds of getting a full group of pug's that know the fights AND have solid mechanics is pretty low.
2. Don't try to get "carried" through a LVL 55 HM by showing up in greens and sub 50 blues. I mean come on Rakata mods (58's) can be purchased from the makeb vendor and you can get full classic/campaign gear in less than a week by doing LVL50 flash points, LVL50 HM's and dailies. Questing makeb also gives you a chance of picking up very good blue implants and earpieces.
3. Conversely, if you are a DPS and show up and leave, before the first pull, because the rest of the group (tank, DPS, and healer) are in 156 or higher (healer was almost full 69's) because our "gear was too low"...well you might as well quit q'ing because it doesn't get much better than that right now. Yes, that would be you raven. The drops are elite gear and comms 156 (basic gear) is appropriate.
4. Run Easier FP's and HM's prior to showing up for a LVL 55 HM for the first time.