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Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
The healer managed his resources and used HoTs and big heals appropriately.
manage resources? Was it a smuggler? If so there is no managment any longer. Did story mode TfB the other night, Sage healer DC right at the pull for Kephess. I single healed almost the entire fight and never used CoolHead once. (in 63 gear, except boots which was 69) Even when first doing these hard mode flashpoints the first time, I never had a energy problem, my problems were getting out heals fast enough to keep up with the damage the tank was taking. I had to be proactive and put out big heals even before the tank was taking damage. Now that I know when to expect damage, they are becoming easy, but still keeping me on my toes.

For a sawbones:
1. (Depending on spec) Stealth, coming out of steath now gives upperhand, provided you are spec for it.
2. Remember Pugnacity now grants upper hand, use it when your tank is taking more damage than you can keep up with. Save adreanal and realic for those times too.
3. Keep HoTs up on everyone, which keeps Upper hand up.
4. Remember your new ability. Roll, roll away from AoEs and danger. Wasn't really excited about the roll until the other night when I was "Marked for Death" and didn't need the sage to pull me away. Great to get away from those bosses that pull you in.

PS: I think I am a tank smuggler healer now. Did SM TfB and part of SM S&V Sunday night, went from 24 K HP to 30 K HP. Have more HP than one of the tanks in our group.