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04.30.2013 , 02:30 PM | #6
Liked them all overall..but in order

1. Jedi Knight - Though they get ripped off by the end being a farce.
2. Sith Warrior - Cool entire way through, brutal..very close to Jedi Knight..
3. Imperial Agent - I don't really care for spy type media..but loved the story and conspiracy best "in character" story.
4. Sith Inquisitor - Dull at points but NO other Dark-Sider is as hilarious as this one which boosts it up there.
5. Trooper - Cool start..a little dull at points..and ending was lackluster..but still overall better than below.
6. Jedi Consular - Starts off boring as can be, very "jedi-y", get's good in Chptr 2.
7. Smuggler - very funny at parts which puts it above Bounty Hunter, but overall lackluster. Doesn't even feel like a smuggler..more like an independant hit-man/agent at points.
8. Bounty Hunter - Love the class but story bored me almost entire way through. Good story telling, just a rather lackluster story in and of itself.