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04.30.2013 , 02:15 PM | #28
I think the changes to tank mitigation and the increased damage done by enemies in L55 Flashpoints are highlighting a lack of skill. Prior to 2.0 it was common to breeze through flashpoints without a care in the world and didn't require much talent.

A recent run of Mandalorian Raiders is an example. I was on a dps, and the whole FP was a struggle, but we finally made it to the last boss, only to wipe wipe wipe. The tank couldn't hold aggro, and the healer couldn't keep the tank alive. Enrage wasn't the problem so I switched to off-healer / occasional dps and the tank was still dying. After 15+ tries we called it quits.

BUT, the other dps and myself stayed in the instance, and re-queued for a another tank and healer. When the replacements showed up, we one-shot the boss with the entire group at 75%+ health the entire time.

The second tank was able to hold aggro, knew when to use mitigation cooldowns, and was able to manage the fight. The healer managed his resources and used HoTs and big heals appropriately.