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you have to know what you are doing. No more just clicking one skill and that did the job, when we were all totally overgeared for the old FPs..
Once healed HM D7 with nothing but Diagnostic Scan, only time I ever was almost kicked from a random group. The tank was ticked that I wouldn't use any other heals. I know he wanted to kick me, but no one ever dropped below 80% and he was also a officer in my guild that I just got stuck randomly grouped with. Still pretty sure he would have kicked, but our guild is short of healers, so they put up with a lot from me. Knew it was possible before I did it, since we had gone through HM D7 on a guild run without a healer or tank, with 4 dps.

These remind me more of HM LI before all the nerfs, I can't see ever doing these without a proper group or on a single low output heal.