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just having bad luck with the 55 FPs?
It's not the gear that matters. My first level 55 was Cad and we wiped only twice on the Bonus boss. I had 63s and the tank had 61s (the dps had 58s). This wasn't a problem because the pug discussed strategy before each boss. I'm primarily a healer (heck look at my sig) and can say that healing 55 FPs is really a matter of coordination. Case in point, 2nd boss of MR. The boss doesn't do that much dps but if the group doesn't move to avoid AoEs and focus on the kill order the fight becomes a hot mess. In many fights it's not healing that's tough: it's healing people who are standing in things they shouldn't or the tank not doing their job properly. I think you've being getting unprepared groups skillwise rather than gearwise.
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