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CC and group coordination have become so much more important in level 55 FPs as it should be. Too many people just running ahead and dying for no reason or causing a wipe for no other reason than being impatient.

If you have a CC it should be used. Tank should pull first (Guardian/Jugg or VG/PT Tanks mainly) and then everyone who has OOC (out of combat) CC should use edit: before tank pulls. In combar after...

Now because of so many derp DPS doing their own thing, when I Tank I mark who I want DPS to focus on. I had to explain this to a DPS and why after 3 wipes in Cademimu before the Police/Droid boss. (DPS would aoe everyone I CC'd and wonder why we wiped). Now, I put flame on anyone I want people to burn down first.

If I'm healing Ill CC as soon as the Tank leaps/Stealths in. Even if they didn't ask me too. It makes my job easier. When I heal I try to let the tank call everything but sometimes Tanks don't know how to take the leadership role and I hate having to repair multiple times in a FP that doesn't net me the cost of my repair bills.
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