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04.30.2013 , 12:56 PM | #22
To be fair, Bioware is talking out of both sides of their mouth a bit with the gear rating on these. They have always described the Basic gear vendor as "preparing you for group content at level 55," and by design obviously everything you do from 51-55 is intended to give you Basic comms. Basic gear is rating 156, so that all implies that you're "expected" to come into 55 HM FPs with that level of gear.

On the other hand, the weekly mission description says the recommended gear rating is only 146, which is Black Hole / Campaign. If everyone knows exactly what they're doing, then that rating is probably adequate, but that's never a sound assumption in PUGs. With 146 rated gear you have very little margin for error, and PUGs are nothing if not error prone.

In order for random uncoordinate groups to succeed more often than not, they need more safety margin, and that means a bit higher gear than the lowest "recommended." Fortunately it's pretty cheap and easy to gear up to Basic level with abundant 156 rated armorings, barrels, hilts, mods, and etc. available on the GTN.