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Found that at first it was a pain for semi-geared team and healing. Usually lost the TANK at the end of each Bonus Boss Fight, but managed to finish. Being in 69's now I'm seeing less issues except when a tank just doesn't know how to tank. (IE: Use his/her GCD's and/or tools)

Stupid SHACKLE bug is extremely BW-FAIL and needs to be corrected, but most of the others are pretty bug free.

I do agree the dogs are a tad overboard on trash mobs.
There's usually an explosive fuel tank or a coolant box near the big dog packs. You're supposed to use them. I think there are like 2 large dog packs where you get no help at all, but if you can mez at least 2 of them they're manageable. Your healer can always do one, and hopefully someone else in the group can mez another.