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Yes, that's scamper (and if I'm not mistaken one can learn it at lvl 51). In the vid he calls it stamper (and he explains why in his comments). An extremely powerful skill, if used correctly.

Funny story about it: Just yesterday a scamper-operative beat me in speed on my shadow in a huttball match. I was in the zone of my own goalline and could see him/her coming from quite a distance (he/she was still on the other side of the last fire). Unfortunately I was at the wrong end of the (quite broad) zone near my goalline and I couldn't reach him/her anywhere in time.

Concerning R2's smokescreen: Thanks for explaining. I had a different kind of smokescreen in mind when you mentioned it first.

Concerning team A and team B: I wrote A and B on purpose, because that applies for both teams. The question is, who can do this better. By now I am quite sure that this match will be a match of many points. My bet is on a 4:5, 5:5 or 5:6, but the question is which side.
But Beni will have a hard time to end this match if we constantly add new points, so I'm gonna drop it here.

@Beni: You should play more pvp. As long as you don't join the club of sore losers and flamers it can be a lot of fun.
Oh absolutly agree with you man I wish I could actually see this game it would be the most amazing thing to behold but ya as per most of my stuff as you can tell I believe the seps can win I just think it is less Likely for them to do so as per every reason i have already given so not going to go into more detail since it would just be reiterating stuff i have already said. Thus i Just feel it more likely the rebels will have the higher points of course again see page 10 page 12 and this final pages posts really as to why. I am actually loving this series and cant wait for more it is on a new lvl from the usual vs threads since its objective based and team based so there are so many more variables to consider.