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04.30.2013 , 11:38 AM | #11
This is coming from a player who's main in SWTOR is a tank (JKG) but who has played a LOT of healers in a LOT of games over the years (I even have a level 50 scoundrel), so take this for what it is worth...

The level 55 HM FPs are fine just the way they are. They are all doable without wiping, and here's the key, if every group member pays attention and does the job they are expected to do. There is no more ROFLstomping through an FP. Tanks have to pay attention to where the rest of the group is located before jumping into combat. CC is important again. Players actually have to pay attention to their surroundings to make sure the group is not overwhelmed. Players need to make sure that everyone in the group knows the fight.

On the subject of cleansing, I'm glad that cleansing debuffs is now something that healers have to do. Healers have had the ability to cleanse for some time, but up until now the ability had no real purpose. Now it does.

Healing and healer responsibilities are more pro-active...this is a GOOD thing.