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From what I have seen in the new 55 FPs... the tanks take a TON of damage, even on the trash. You can't just run through the FP willy nilly and aggro everything.

Now, the healing needs HAVE intensified a bit, however, especially on the bosses, as long as the tank is holding aggro, and the dps is avoiding unnecessary damage, there really shouldn't be much healing going on, other than the healer healing the tank. If as the healer, you find yourself dropping a lot of green numbers on the dps, they are probably doing something wrong.

As for the droid boss in Hammer Station with the cleanse? When I do that on my DPS Merc... I always let the healer know to cleanse at 5 stacks, and I will re-cleanse the tank at 5 more stacks. I will also occasionally drop Kotlo Missile or a heal or two on tank or the DPS to help lighten the load on the healer. The enrage timers are not SO tight, that a few lost dps to dropping a few heals is going to make or break anything. (actually, don't ONLY the bonus bosses have enrage? Or is it the bonus bosses and the final bosses?)

Basically.... what I am trying to say, is that in the new FPs, with how the mobs hit, and the tank's new mitigation calculations... healers will find themselves really focusing on the tanks more than before, so it's crucial that the tank keep aggro off the DPS (which also may mean using CC, and the DPS not being stupid and breaking it early) and the DPS not taking unnecessary damage, and the classes that CAN, help out the healer when they can spare it.

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