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04.30.2013 , 10:24 AM | #3
I will admit the first time through each Level 55 HM Flashpoint was a pain and we had a few wipes. However, after seeing them first hand and understanding the mechanics I think they are tuned just about right. They are not the facerolls that Level 50 HM FP became, yet, but they are not impossible either. Iíve just had to concentrate on healing and priorities my healing to the tank, myself and to the dps actually playing as a team or the dps putting out the highest output. It requires the healer to pay attention to not only the health bars, but everything else going on in the fight.

I will say, I have done all the 55 HM flashpoints a few times each and I have done all or most of the 2 level 55 SM Ops and the flashpoints seem harder to me to heal. Still I am very happy for something that does not put me half to sleep healing and love the FPs as is.