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04.30.2013 , 10:24 AM | #2
I mostly play healers, and I kinda prefer the new FPs. Cleansing is not that hard, and something that should be done on any cleansable debuff or DoT as a matter of habit. Even as DPS, I cleanse myself of whatever I can the instant it appears.

For the two bosses you mention, just cleanse at 5-6 stacks for the first boss in hammer station, and the healing is quite manageable. For the last boss in Athiss, set your focus target to the boss so you can see when he is casting the DoT, and be ready to cleanse it asap. Focus target has to be set every time he comes out of stealth, but nobody ever takes more than a tick of that when I am healing.

The only boss fights I have found really challenging are the bonus boss in Hammer Station, the bonus boss in Cademimu, and the wookie boss in Cademimu. Occasionally the dog boss and the 4 guys in Mandalorian Raiders can be hard if you run into knockback, pushback, and LoS issues.

It is really the trash pulls that can be interesting. I use more cooldowns and have more energy problems on bad trash pulls than boss fights.