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Honostly I think the main issue is the lack of info on Agen it would be the same problem in round 2 if he were to defeat Kit.... So just for a potentially more interesting round 2 I have to say Kit. But beyond that I do think that Kit might have an issue I would put them both on par skill wise with a lightsaber but I think the idea that Agen is an ataru user is probably spot on as it was the most commonly used form at the time, and in a saber duel it would have a serious advantage over kit's shii-cho form. Other than that its hard to judge the 2 combatants since so little is known about agen.
While you are correct that there is little on Kolar, I feel that there is enough to make a well-reasoned debate for his side.

We'll see. I didn't expect this one to be as long as the others (most likely due to the lack of info on Kolar), but we shall see what happens. Maybe some will come to Kolar's defense. Then we can have ourselves a true battle.
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