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04.30.2013 , 07:30 AM | #149
Actually another thought about the commando droids chasing down R2 honostly doing this even if successful wont accomplish anything.
What the commando droids need to be able to do to give the seps a higher chance of winning then the rebels

Kill R2
Assist in killing Luke or Galen
Kill the Rebel spec forces

VS what the rebel spec forces need to do to give the rebels a good chance of winning

Kill commando droids

The likely hood that the droids complete 1 of these missions is ok but to complete all 3 or even just 2 of these with the rebel specforce all over them trying to stop them is highly unlikely even if they succeed at doing 1 it wont defeat the rebel team and the rebel spec forces are just as likely to stop the droids from completeing their mission as the droids are likely to succeed at it. And thats just if the droids try to do 1 of these things not 2 or 3 of them if they try to do more then 1 its not likely they will succeed at the second and without doing that it will not slow the rebels down at all.