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Here is MY issue with this questline: the entire thing leading up to the final battle is designes to be soloed. At the end you're going to go and switch it on us and demand that we need not just one other person but THREE? I am ok with missions being challenging but you need to be realistic.

And while I am on my soapbox:

One of the best qualities about SWTOR that made it a better MMO than others was that by grouping up with other people, you were able to accomplish more in a slightly easier fashion. With the exspansion, all misssions you groul ip with become HARDER! Not just twice as hard for two people but almost four times harder if you just add ine additional player to the group. Where is the motivation to group up with other players if it is going to make your game play a head ache. Thirty minutes for a group of four to kill the Archon? ARE YOUR SERIOUS?!?!

And oh yeah, I am glad there are level 55 flashpoints but who's idea was it to make the healers job even MORE difficult than it already was? They already had the hardest job in the group! STUPID DESIGN CHOICE!
All the things that you find frustrating, make the game even more fun for me:

- scaling with group size is cool, so we still have a bit of a challange, if we group up
- I loved the h4's at the end of the quest chains, it was so much fun to figure things out with three other players
- the new fp's are not just roflstomp at the moment and the dps actually have to watch not to pull aggro.
(I play as healer as well as tank)

(We had around 5 min maybe 10 min with 3 people for archon, don't know how you took 30 min there)
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