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Really...I can understand what the OP is saying. OP is saying that by choice, EA/BW can make anything in the game a cartel coin option just by changing what subscribers get but.....will they do it? Only EA/BW knows what they are going to do and frankly I will continue to play as long as they don't go crazy with it. But don't underestimate scheming companies. EA controls this game and we all know what EA is like.
Truth be told, Bioware can do whatever it wants.. Any company can.. If any company wants to keep it's customers, it can't..

They will not touch subscribers, because truth be told.. They would prefer us all to be subscribers.. Being able to count on your income through subscription is a lot better than hoping you get a certain amount from the F2P people.. All F2P players are basically guided toward being a subscriber.. They are constantly reminded how wonderful we have it.. They are not going to make being a subscriber less appealing because that will be the same as slitting their own throat..

The only reason the Cathar is in the Cartel Market is so the F2P people will buy it.. Subs get a grant so it is free..
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