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I believe the issue that you wanted to have addressed is that currently it states "Full access to all character creation choices." As of this moment this terminology is still correct as subscribers do have full access to those choices. We will be updating that page (along with any others that make similar references) once Game Update 2.1 goes live.

So its OK to take away features from sub as long as you updating the pages that tell us we get said features. Since this is the case let me guess at the next few updates.

2.2 Sub will get 20 WZ and FP anymore and you'll have to buy a pass off the CM. Its OK we updated the listed for sub features and who really needs to do more then 20 WZ or FP a week.

2.3 New OP but Sub will have to buy a pass week pass for it. Its OK we update list of what Sub get. You already have an Op you can run.

So Eric how long before you take away all "benefits" of being sub?