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Your interpretation of what happened is quite different from mine.

I'm the type of player that has the speedrun down cold. I've been playing for over a year, I have 9 level 50s (4 at 55) and have run the L50 flashpoints often enough that I can run them in my sleep. I know practically every way to skip mobs (and bosses where possible) and will spacebar with the best of them.

At the same time, if I noticed someone was lagging behind on a skip attempt, it would be perfectly obvious to me that we either had a) a new player or b) someone who didn't know how to skip.

I would promptly go back and give them some help, and show them what to do. Skipping the mobs by the D7 tents? I've watched guildies in vent have a hard time making those jumps. Having a hard time skipping those mobs in a pug? Completely understandable, so let's help the newbie out and not treat them like garbage.

What I see from the OP's situation, is 3 other people who have no patience for the new player, and deliberately put her in a situation that would result in being a problem for the group, just so they could initiate a vote-kick.

I remember way back, the first time I saw someone do the "exhaustion zone skip" on Battle of Ilum. I had no idea what was going on, tried to follow, the group zipped off ahead, I died. Asked for them to wait, they didn't, I tried again, fell off the ledge, pulled a mob, and I got raged at.

I was perfectly happy to skip and do a speedrun. Yet this impatient Scheißekopf made it impossible for me to do so, and arrogantly treated me like a newb fool trying to screw the group over.

The fact that the others in DSpecter's group let her fall behind and wouldn't wait for her to catch up says it all to me. They were already annoyed that someone didn't know how to skip the mobs, that it wasn't going to be the fast speedrun they had hoped for, and were itching for the first excuse to kick them out.
I can already tell by the way you phrase your argument that you are more logical than the OP. Furthermore you seem like the type that likes to communicate rather than suffer in silence and further hinder the group. So in your case, no, I wouldn't vote kick. But I would still vote kick the OP based on his attitude at the situation (In addition to the myriad of situations he put his group). I'm willing to work with people when they make their intentions and situation clear from the start; I've done a full clear of Battle of Ilum on my 55 when requested while queing for the basic comms.

TL:DR - You have a respectable opinion, and I have no quarrel with you
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