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I don't believe Class Channels exist on this server. While EQ2 is one of the worst games in existence, it had some nice things set up by the Community. I would like to Bring those here.

Mainly, Class Channels. Now unfortuantly, You -cannot- Have Cross Faction Channels...which is unfortunate, and may hamper the adoption of this. But I propose We attempt to use them. ...worse come to worse it'll just be me in them haha.

What are they? They're Global Channels dedicated to Specific Classess, in this case, Base Classess. They're a place for new and experienced players to ask and share information; rather than asking in general.

Why not use the forums? The forums are great, but many people don't use an in game browser. But even if you do, sometimes the forums are sparce for your question, and it is quicker to simply ask the crowd. (Looking at healer forums specifically).

How do I join? I believe most would know how, but the command is /cjoin Channel Name.

Now for the channels. Seeing as how some classess share stat priorities or have similar dps priorities, the channels will be Set up by Base Class, I.E. Inquisitor, Warrior, Hunter, Agent.

To join the channel for your specific base class, the commands are
  • /cjoin Inquisitor
  • /cjoin Warrior
  • /cjoin Hunter
  • /cjoin Agent
  • /cjoin Consular
  • /cjoin Knight
  • /cjoin Smuggler
  • /cjoin Trooper

I hope we can give this a try, as it is a very nice feature to have if it is adopted. Hope to see you all in the chat!

If you are looking for Codex Entries and Achievement hunting, please join the Codex channel.
/cjoin Codex

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