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Why does Level 55 PvP even have bolster? I get the 10-29, 30-54 but why would 55 need it? We're all the same level.
Because someone really smart in BW devs thought that this is the best way from preventing PvPers, who obviously saved all their comms before update, from acquiring 72 lvl hilts/barrels once they hit level 55 (which could theoretically be done in 1 day).

So, what BW did was... make PvP gear status run below 156 PvE gear, then added the lolster (official name for bolster in PvP) to make you gain status in 55 WZs. Needless to say that was not a very bright move, because it is causing PvPers problems in PvP and PvE. Someone in full conqueror can barely pull his/her weight in HM FPs now, and there are very few of them.

I do agree that having a bolster in PvE does not make sense, but you can see where the issue is stemming from. Before the expansion, PvP content had huge entry for PvEers to enter at max level, which was an issue. Now its the exact opposite. The idea was to make both content available for max level players who are geared up through any of the game aspects. Before expansion EWH was within 5-10% from DG. Now conqueror is about 25-30% of UW, not to mention that UW is currently top PvP gear

As a PvPer, 1) I am disappointed in the new PvP system, especially at lvl 55 2) I am disappointed that PvP gear gets you almost no where in PvE. Thus, I am generally disappointed in the expansion.