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04.29.2013 , 03:03 PM | #1
Hello, earlier today I was really excited about upgrading from a partisan main hand to a conqueror one on my sentinel. I peeled out the hilt and mods and placed them in my favorite lightsaber. Now I know there's a lot of things going on with the bolster at this moment relating to pve gear, but hey a simple upgrade from one PVP weapon to another, that should work, right?

Wrong. I didn't really pay attention at first but it seemed like my damage hadn't gone up inside warzones, so I did an experiment and bought a fresh unmodified partisan weaponmaster lightsaber, the same type I now have in conqueror quality. I went into a wz and noticed 2 things:

1. My dam range hadn't gone up like it should by 35 damage, in fact my damage only went up by 1 point and that's due to the extra 9 strength on the conqueror.

2. My offhand is still a partisan and it actually lost 18-22 damage on that one. It's like the game is thinking I have a conqueror offhand and the bolster needs to be removed.

TL;DR partisan is getting bolstered where it shouldn't and that makes conqueror weapons useless. (the same is probably true for the conqueror armorings since I've noticed I gain a fair bit of armor inside wz's versus outside.

Here are 2 screenshots, and you will have to excuse me for being such a noob at posting these.

//Farnese , Red Eclipse.