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04.29.2013 , 11:23 AM | #1
Having issues with this fight last night due to several bugs we encountered along the way, wondering if anyone else is having this problem. We encountered these bugs on HM only, obviously the deletion shield issue would be on HM only but the others I don't know if they happen in SM also.

1. The Regulators that spawn during Orange and Yellow phase weren't properly despawning, resulting in us having to fight them when we attempted the fight again.

2. Another issue with the Regulators, several times I would interrupt End Line, but they would do the attack anyway with the knockback and the stun despite the cast bar clearly saying "Interrupted."

3. My color was purple and I'd obtained my orb, I was targeted for Yellow Deletion, my guildie ran up and activated the yellow deletion shield but my purple orb got consumed anyway resulting in me unable to activate my own deletion shield when it was my turn.

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered these issues also.
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