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Tons of groups going on for EC even on a crappy server like TOFN. Seek and you shall find. Classic Ops are done for weekly, so most of the guilds are still doing that. An MMO's endgame never caters to all the latecomers, it's bad enough we had TFB and 4 FPs scaled to 55, EV/KP/EC have been done to death by the majority of raiders. When I arrived in WoW late-TBC I realized I missed all vanilla raiding content ... that's life in an MMO.
EV and KP are older than EC, but I still had the chance to do those. EC was NEVER in endgame group finder as long as I've been playing (even when it was actual endgame) but the two ops that are older than it were. My issue isn't with being a latecomer, it's an issue with group finder.