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A Note on Upper Hand

Upper Hand is granted after the attack activates, but before the attack does damage.
Here is a quote from TorParse from my scoundrel trying out Dirty Fighting during some dailies on Makeb:

12:54:50.767 Oac activates Blaster Whip.
12:54:50.767 Oac spends 15 energy.
12:54:50.767 Oac gains Upper Hand.
12:54:50.768 Oac gains Unfair Advantage.
12:54:50.770 Oac's Energy Surge hits Mesa Devourer for 287 energy damage.
12:54:50.770 Oac gains Holdout Defense.
12:54:51.075 Oac's Blaster Whip hits Mesa Devourer for 2382 kinetic damage, causing 2382 threat.
Quote: Originally Posted by Protip:
So the implication is that every Blaster Whip and Shoot First benefit from their own granted Upper Hand, but this also implies that losing Upper Hand immediately before using Blaster Whip results in no virtually no dps loss, so there may be cases where it is beneficial to use up Upper Hand immediately before Blaster Whip or Shoot First are available.

Some examples of why this is important:
Scenario: many skills on cooldown, 1 stack of Upper Hand, near 100% energy, and 1.5s until Blaster Whip is available.
Use Sucker Punch / Wounding Shots / Blaster Volley, because even if Sucker Punch doesn't proc Round Two or Unfair Advantage isn't up, Blaster Whip won't lose any damage, and using Sucker Punch or Wounding Shots is a lot better than Quick Shot or Flurry of Bolts.

Scenario: at 2 stacks of Upper Hand, 1-3s before Blaster Whip off cooldown.
Chain as many Sucker Punches / Wounding Shots as you can so that there aren't any wasted stacks.

Post if you find any other good examples, and I'll add them to the list.
Disappearing Act, Medpacs, and You

Every time you use Disappearing Act, you leave combat for a short time. For the sake of medpac usage, this creates a new round of combat.
Since Disappearing Act is on a 2m cooldown (1m30s for Scrappers), and medpacs are on a 1m30s cooldown, Scoundrels can use a medpac every time they use Disappearing Act for some extra healing. It's not a lot over time, but it's a free, off the GCD heal for ~6-9.5k.
Biochem Scoundrels should definitely take advantage of this with reusable medpacks.
  • Note that this may not be working as intended and could be subject to change.
Table of Contents

Stats and Gearing

Current BiS for Underworld (72) gear
  • Cunning 3,290.52
  • Aim 155
  • Power 1,423
  • Tech Power 2,012
  • Crit Rating 0
  • Surge Rating 237
  • Accuracy 427
  • Alacrity 158

Power / Crit

Crit is yucky; go all Power except when the total mainstat + power or crit is greater than your current mod / enhancement. An upgrade is still an upgrade.
This may or may not hold true with Kell Dragon (75) gear. I do know that, since Crit is multiplicative and Power is additive, as the stat budget increases, so does the benefit of Crit. Currently for 72 though, Crit is still never more useful than Power at a 1:1 ratio.
That said, Cunning is only slightly better than Power, and Power is only slightly better than Crit. As you upgrade, if your Cunning + Power / Crit > that of your current mod, replace it, even if you're trading a lot of Power for Crit.
Additionally, don't stress too much about getting Power right away. Crit worse, mathematically speaking, but it is by no means awful. It's only behind the curve by a very small margin.

Accuracy / Alacrity / Surge

Every character has 7 enhancements, 2 implants, and 1 earpiece worth of stat points for tertiary stats (Accuracy / Alacrity / Surge), so think of it as having 10 slots.
Ideally, you'll want 5 Accuracy, 3 Surge, 2 Alacrity.
This remains true for Kell Dragon (75)


Mainstat augments are BiS except that you'll want 1 Accuracy augment
For Kell Dragon (75) gear, you will still want 5 Accuracy slots but no Accuracy augment

Set Bonuses

The PVP 2-set bonus: +1 XS Freighter Flyby tick is current BiS for Scrapper and Dirty Fighting.
The PVE 2-set bonus: +15% Blaster Whip critical chance is better than the old +15% Back Blast critical set bonus, even for Scrapper.

If you don't PVP, and play a Scrapper, using the old and new 2-set bonuses can work.
If you don't PVP, and play Dirty Fighting, the old 2-set bonus will have a relatively small impact on your overall dps.

Regardless of what spec you play, the 4-set bonus: +5 max energy is generally useless.
It is worth +5% energy, since regen tiers are based on a percentage of your max energy. As such, it gives +2 max-tier regen energy, or a new range of 63-105 energy.

Special thanks to dipstik for the stats.


The current part of guide concerning relics is based on Arkanian, Underworld, and Kell Dragon tiers.
Please keep in mind that not all of this information is applicable for Dread Guard and below.

Useful DPS Relics

Relic of Boundless Ages (BA)
Use: Increases Power by x for 30 seconds. Can not be activated in PvP areas.

This relic becomes a click-to-use item that should be slottedf on your toolbar. It has a 2m timer when it can be used again, so it is effectively a 30s power boost every 2m.

Relic of Serendipitous Assault (SA)
Healing an ally or performing a damaging attack on an enemy both have a 30% chance to grant x Power for 6 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 20 seconds, and shares this limite with similar healing or damaging effects. It will not trigger inside of PvP areas.

Relic of Elemental Transcendance (ET)
Damaging attacks have a 30% chance to deal x additional elemental Force damage to the target. This effect can only occur once every 4.5 seconds, and shares this limit with similar damage-dealing effects. It will not trigger inside of PvP areas.


Relic of the Cerulean Nova (CN)
Damaging attacks have a 30% chance to deal x additional energy tech damage to the target. This effect can only occur once every 4.5 seconds, and shares this limit with similar damage-dealing effects. It will not trigger inside of PvP areas.

Additionally, all relics have a static endurance and power stat as follows:
  • Kell Dragon: 106 End / 36 Power
  • Underworld: 98 End / 32 Power
  • Arkanian: 89 End / 29 Power

Only one of any specific can be used a time. Two Boundless Ages relics will both lock each other out when used, and the damage proc relics (ET / CN) will lock each other out as well.

Currently, the Serendipitous Assault, Elemental Transcendence, and the Cerulean Nova all share lockouts and cannot proc together.
However, the 2.3 patchnotes state:
  • Arkanian, Underworld and Kell Dragon Proc Relics will no longer prevent other Arkanian, Underworld and Kell Dragon Procs of a different type from activating. For example, characters can now have both a Power proc relic and a damage proc relic equipped and expect them both to activate correctly.
Which one should I use?
This is a somewhat difficult question to answer, and I think it will mostly come down to playstyle or what encounter you are currently facing, but here is some information to help arrive at your decision.

  • The Boundless Ages and Serendipitous Assault relics both benefit Scrapper and Dirty Fighting (and Sawbones as well) equally since they simply give a boost in power.

If you choose a damage proc relic:
  • With Scrapper's 30% armor penetration and an accompanying 20% armor debuff, the Cerulean Nova will give more damage than the Elemental Transcendance.

  • Dirty Fighting does not offer any additional armor penetration, so the Elemental Transcendance will give more damage than the Cerulean Nova.

When 2.3 goes live, it will be perfectly viable to use any combination of the above relics (except any two of the same kind):
  • Boundless Ages + Serendipitous Assault
  • BA + Cerulean Nova
  • BA + Elemental Trandscendance
  • SA + CN
  • SA + ET
  • The main difference between the BA and the other relics is it is more controlled. You decide when you have the power, not the random chance of the SA or damage procs.
  • I personally prefer the SA relic over the BA's 2m timer, since it does not coincide well with my Scrapper's 1.5m Disappearing Act + Shoot First, but this decision will ultimately be up to personal preference.
  • SO that said, and keeping in mind the upcoming change to the proc relics, my Scrapper will aim to have a Serendipitous Assault + Cerulean Nova.
  • Even in this context, it may still be beneificial for certain fights to have the clicky BA just to swap in, and of course swapping CN for ET if I ever swap to Dirty Fighting.

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