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Dirty Fighting (shared)

These tactics leave no trick off-the-table and often leave an enemy crippled or bleeding.

I'm currently using 4/6/36

Unique Skills

Shrap Bomb (SP):

Wounding Shots (FR):

Hemorrhaging Blast (HB):


Upper Hand - Is it a resource? Is it a buff? It's both!
  • Upper Hand is a 10s buff that gives you +2% outgoing damage. It stacks up to two times, but buff is always 2% whether you have 1 or 2 stacks.
  • It is primarily generated by Blaster Whip, and used as a resource for several skills, notably Wounding Shots.
  • These skills will say 'this requires and consumes Upper Hand'. This means it is only usable while Upper Hand is active and consumes 1 stack.
  • So with that in mind, try to keep Upper Hand active at all times for the 2% damage buff.
  • If you have 1 stack of Upper Hand, try to get another stack before using a move that consumes Upper Hand.
  • If you have 2 stacks, try to use Wounding Shots to consume 1 stack before using a move like Blaster Whip so that the stack of Upper Hand isn't lost.
  • It's actually quite simple, but like most things, it is easier said than done.

Things to keep in mind -
  • Killing blows give you a stack of Upper Hand, so don't ignore those adds.
  • Blaster Whip will give you a stack of Upper Hand at most every 6s.
  • Blaster Whip has a 60% chance to gain Unfair Advantage which will make the next Wounding Shots regrant Upper Hand (10s lockout timer). There is a distinct visual and audio cue and buff, so train yourself to be mindful of these cues.
  • Shoot First will give you a stack of Upper Hand at the beginning of each fight provided you are in stealth and in position behind the target. In lieu of that, you can pre-cast XS Freighter Flyby at the beginning of a fight.
  • Disappearing Act + Shoot First will give you a stack of Upper Hand every 2m00s during a fight.
  • Pugnacity will give you a stack of Upper Hand (and a 10% Alacrity boost and 10 energy) every 1m30s.

Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
If you are approaching a transition phase (e.g: moving behind the rocks during the Titan-6 fight), try to use all of your stacks of Upper Hand before the transition so that they aren't wasted. If you have one leftover, simply use Kolto Pack for a decent recovery.
Dirty Fighting Core Mechanics

Wound Shots - deals significant damage when the target is bleeding from VS and SB
Shrap Bomb / Vital Shot - needed to buff the damage of Wounding Shots
Hemorrhaging Blast - buffs the damage of WS / SB / VS
Holdout Defense - +50% movement speed for 2s after using Blaster Whip
Pugnacious - reduces cooldown of Pugnacity by 30s and restores 10 energy on use
Unfair Advantage - BW makes the next WS free and regrant UH (60% 10s lockout)
Nice Try - when VS and SB end, they put a small bleed on the target that ticks for 9s
Concussion - your bleed effects do not tick on your mezz targets
Cold Blooded - bleeds do +15% damage to targets under 30% health

Single Target / Boss Fight Rotation

Dirty Fighting revolves around a very dynamic priority system.
Each skill has a cooldown that will cause a lot of overlaps, a strict rotation is unfeasible.
  • Blaster Whip (BW) 6s
  • Back Blast (BB) 12s
  • Hemorrhaging Blast (HB) 15s
  • Vital Shot (VS) 18s
  • Shrap Bomb (SB) 21s
  • XS Freighter Flyby (XS) 1m

So with that in mind, we have a priority system as follows
  • Refresh Upper Hand if it is about to expire from your target with Blaster Whip or Unfair Advantage
  • Refresh VS and SB if Nice Try is present and HB is off cooldown or present on the target or if the dots are not present at all
  • Hemorrhaging Blast
  • Blaster Whip
  • Wounding Shots
  • Refresh Vital Shot and Shrap Bomb if they have expired
  • XS Freighter Flyby
  • Back Blast
  • Flurry of Bolts

Hemorrhaging Blast (HB) should be refreshed every 15s. If you are applying your dots correctly, the 10 charges will always be consumed from the previous HB.
Note that there is a bug currently with HB where any smuggler dots will consume bonus damage from HB charges. In terms of overall dps, this will have little impact, but it will of course lower your own dps while raising a fellow member of the raid's dps.

Refresh Vital Shot (VS) and Shrap Bomb (SB) on your target when they expire. You especially never, ever want Nice Try ticks to consume any HB charges, so the top priority is refreshing VS / SB when HB is present on the target or has come off cooldown and is ready to be applied again.
Note that VS has an 18s duration while SB has a 21s duration and should rarely need to be reapplied at the same time. If they both need to be reapplied, I would suggest VS first due to the Mortal Wound talent, giving it a 25% chance to tick twice (and thus consuming 2 HB charges).
Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
Looking for the grayed out dots is a good way to know when to reapply them.
There is currently a bug where reapplying a dot the moment it ends will result in Nice Try taking over the freshly applied dot as well, leaving you with the lower-damage dot anyway.
Just wait until just after your dot ends. This helps prevent any clipping as well.
Ideally, you'll want to use Blaster Whip (BW) every 6s, but refreshing HB / VS / SB will generally take priority. Just don't let Upper Hand fall off of your target.
Your general rotation should revolve around a 6s block

BW > Atk2 > Atk3 > Atk4

You can (and should) interrupt the cadence of this rotation to refresh dots and reapply HB.

Use Wounding Shots (WS) at 2 stacks of Upper Hand and almost always twice in a row with the buff from Unfair Advantage.
Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
The bonus damage from hitting bleeding targets will consume and receive a buff from HB charges. This internal damage will do about 50-100% more damage than VS or SB ticks.
The implications for this are two-fold:
if you gain Unfair Advantage and HB is almost off cooldown, wait a bit before using WS so that you can use it again after HB has been applied.
Disappearing Act (DA) + Shoot First (SF) can be used every 2m in a fight for an extra Upper Hand. Try to time this while the HB buff is present.

The best time I've found for DA + SF is the following scenario:
VS / SB / HB all present on the target and not in need of refreshing.

BW (no Unfair Advantage proc) > WS > DA + SF > WS

BW will come off cooldown immediately after this without wasting stacks of Upper Hand. If Unfair Advantage procs:

BW > WS > WS > DA + SF > WS

Blaster Whip will be pushed back 1 GCD, but you will use Wounding Shots faster while Hemorrhaging Blast is active.
XS Freighter Flyby (XS) should be used even in a single target fight unless there is a lot of movement preventing the target from staying inside for the duration. For fights with add phases, save it for the adds.
Generally XS should be following by a free energy attack. Additionally, using XS when between ~70-80 energy will result in minimal wasted energy.
  • BW (Unfair Advantage proc) > WS > XS > WS
  • BW > WS > XS > HB
  • BW > WS > XS > FB

Back Blast (BB) should be used as a filler when nothing else is usable. Generally, this falls into two scenarios:
VS / SB / HB / XS present or on cooldown

BW > WS > Atk3 > Atk4 < fill BB into one of these attacks

If Unfair Advantage procs
BW > WS > WS > BB

As you get used to the rotation, you'll become more comfortable with when to use certain attacks and how they work within the priority system.

Table of Contents

AOE Fight / Add Phase Rotation

XS Freighter Flyby (XS)
  • This attack hits an unlimited number of targets, but has a 3s cast and 9s duration, so make sure everything is grouped up (and is going to stay grouped up) when you use it.
  • It has a relatively short cooldown so that it can be used on many trash pulls between boss fights.

Shrap Bomb (SB)
  • Hits 5 targets and places a 21s bleed on them, which will generally last through any add phase or trash pull.
  • You typically won't have to use this more than once unless there are more than 5 targets.
  • From full energy, XS + SB = 40 energy, just enough to use both and still remain at high energy regen.

Blaster Whip (BW)
  • You still need stacks of Upper Hand even in an AOE fight.
  • Priority for BW goes down the more killing blows you can land as they'll net you stacks of Upper Hand also.

Blaster Volley (BV)
  • This is a 10m conal AOE that requires and consumes 1 stack of Upper Hand.
  • It does pretty good damage, but the Upper Hand requirement sets it back a little.
  • Use when your other AOEs are unavailable and you have stacks of Upper Hand.

Thermal Grenade (TG)
  • Thermal Grenade doesn't do as much damage as Blaster Volley, but it doesn't require Upper Hand and additionally can hit targets from 30m away.
  • Use when out of stacks of Upper Hand and when Shrap Bomb is already present.

Wounding Shots (WS)
  • This should generally be saved when an AOE won't hit many targets, but with Unfair Advantage, it can be use in lieu of Flurry of Bolts as it is a free attack that will regrant Upper Hand immediately

Table of Contents

Dirty Fighting scoundrels have a choice between positioning oneself for Shoot First or pre-channeling XS at the beginning of a fight.

Please see this section of the Scrapper guide for tips about positioning for Shoot First. Keep in mind that Shoot First is not as crucial to Dirty Fighting as it is for Scrapper.

Opening Rotation

SF / XS > SB > VS > HB > BW > WS

At this point, what you do next depends on whether or not Unfair Advantage triggered

With Unfair Advantage, use WS > BB followed by BW > WS > DA + SF > WS

If Unfair Advantage does not trigger, simply use DA + SF > WS

After each possible outcome, BW will be available again to start on the normal rotation.

Also note that SB > VS > HB used in this order means that they will be refreshed in reverse order: HB > VS > SB

Table of Contents