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Focuses on using stealth and the scatter gun to sneak in, take out the enemy, and get out.

I'm currently using 3/36/7


Tertiary Talents

Unique Skills

Sucker Punch (SP):

Flechette Round (FR):

Rotation and DPS Mechanics


Upper Hand - Is it a resource? Is it a buff? It's both!
  • Upper Hand is a 10s buff that gives you +2% outgoing damage. It stacks up to two times, but buff is always 2% whether you have 1 or 2 stacks.
  • It is primarily generated by Blaster Whip, and used as a resource for several skills, notably Sucker Punch.
  • These skills will say 'this requires and consumes Upper Hand'. This means it is only usable while Upper Hand is active and consumes 1 stack.
  • So with that in mind, try to keep Upper Hand active at all times for the 2% damage buff.
  • If you have 1 stack of Upper Hand, try to get another stack before using a move that consumes Upper Hand.
  • If you have 2 stacks, try to use Sucker Punch to consume 1 stack before using a move like Blaster Whip so that the stack of Upper Hand isn't lost.
  • It's actually quite simple, but like most things, it is easier said than done.

Things to keep in mind -
  • Killing blows give you a stack of Upper Hand, so don't ignore those adds.
  • Blaster Whip will give you a stack of Upper Hand at most every 6s.
  • Sucker Punch has a 70% chance to regrant Upper Hand (10s lockout timer). There is a distinct visual and audio cue, so train yourself to be mindful of these cues.
  • (Flechette Round +) Shoot First will give you a stack of Upper Hand at the beginning of each fight provided you are in stealth and in position behind the target.
  • Disappearing Act + (Flechette Round +) Shoot First will give you a stack of Upper Hand every 1m30s during a fight.
  • Pugnacity will give you a stack of Upper Hand (and a 10% Alacrity boost) every 2m00s.

Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
If you are approaching a transition phase (e.g: moving behind the rocks during the Titan-6 fight), try to use all of your stacks of Upper Hand before the transition so that they aren't wasted. If you have one leftover, simply use Kolto Pack for a decent recovery.
Scrapper - Core Mechanics
  • Flechette Round - puts a 6s bleed on your target and increases armor penetration by 30% for 15s
  • Rolling Punches - Back Blast and Shoot First each provide 6% Alacrity for 15s
  • Blaster Whip - generates stacks of Upper Hand
  • Sucker Punch - requires and consumes UH; 70% chance to regrant UH every 10s on a bleeding target
  • Vital Shot - the only way to make sure a target is bleeding 100% of the time so that SP can regrant UH
  • Fight or Flight - Sneak can be used out of stealth for a 50% speed buff for 6s; unstealthing resets Sneak

Single Sarget / Boss Fight Rotation

(Flechette Round +) Shoot First (FR +) SF
  • Always use with Flechette Round
  • Use this at the start of a fight.
  • Use Disappearing Act to use it again in the middle of fights.
    Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
    Try to time this exactly 6s after using BB and try to have only 1 or 0 stacks of UH

    More about this here.

(Flechette Round +) Back Blast (FR) + BB
  • Always use with Flechette Round
  • Try to keep this on cooldown as much as possible.
    Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
    The buffs from this attack last 15s while the skills is on a 12s cooldown.
    This allows for a 3s grace period before they expire after BB becomes available again

Blaster Whip / Sucker Punch BW1 / SP2
  • If at 0 or 1 stack of Upper Hand, use BW / if at two stacks, use SP
  • See this note for more info

Vital Shot VS
  • Try to keep this up at all times
  • It has a native duration of 15s and can be extended to 18s with the Mortal Wound trait in the Dirty Fighting tree
Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
Vital Shot is a very important part of a Scrapper's rotation, because Round Two needs to hit a bleeding target to regrant Upper Hand.
Because it is impossible to keep a target bleeding at all times with just Flechette Round, VS is necessary to make sure your target is always bleeding.

XS Freight Flyby XS
  • For fights with lots of adds, save it for those phases, but even on a single target, this attack does a lot of damage for the cast time and energy cost provided it can stay inside for the whole 9s, so be mindful of fights with lots of movement.
  • For the block rotation below, Flyby takes two Atks due to its 3s cast time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
Preload Flechette Round before casting this to regen energy during the cast and save yourself from dropping into lower energy regen after.
Sabotage Charge / Quick Shot / Flurry of Bolts QS / FB
  • Use when your other skills are unavailable and Vital Shot does not need to be refreshed.
  • If close to 100% energy, use SC / QS if close to 60% energy, useFB
Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
Sabotage Charge is only usable from cover. F is the default skill to drop into cover.
Alternatively, you can utilize the Cover Bar and place the Cover skill in the same slot as your Sabotage Charge.

Turning on Cover Bar:
  • Go into Options (Esc) > Preferences > Controls > General > Enable Cover Bar

Whenever you go into Cover, quickslot 1 will now be replaced by a new quickslot bar with a separate list of skills that share the same keybinds.

Go into Abilities (P), and under Smuggler, there are two skills: Crouch and Take Cover.
Crouch will always put you into Cover at your current position while Take Cover will roll to the nearest cover point if available, otherwise it will work just like Crouch.
  • Place one of those skills on your Quickslot 1.
  • Go into Cover.
  • Place Sabotage Charge (SC) into the same keybind (e.g. 4) on your Cover Bar.
  • Pressing the key for Crouch twice will now Crouch and instantly use SC.

Block Rotation - Scrapper
  • Think of the Scrapper dps rotation as being comprised of a sequence of 6 second blocks revolved around Blaster Whip.
  • The global cooldown is 1.5s, so each block will contain 4 attacks, so the basic rotation looks like this:

Blaster Whip (BW) > Atk2 > Atk3 > Atk4
  • Now that we have the framework in place, let's expand the rotation a bit. Since BW gives Upper Hand, Sucker Punch (SP) should be used approx. at least once every block.
  • SP simply replaces any of the three Atk positions in the block.
  • Also keep in mind that every 10s, Round Two has a chance to regrant Upper Hand. In an ideal rotation, use SP again immediately after Round Two regrants Upper Hand.

Blaster Whip (BW) > SP / Atk2 > SP / Atk3 > SP / Atk4
  • Back Blast (BB) is on a 12s cooldown, so every other block will look like this:

BW > FR + BB > SP / Atk3 > SP / Atk4

  • With Open Wound traited, Vital Shot (VS) will last 18s, so it should be refreshed roughly every third block.
  • Occasionally, there won't be room in the block.
For example, if VS ended in a block like: BW > FR + BB > SP (round two proc) > SP
  • In this instance, it's ok to delay VS as the target is still bleeding from FR.

BW / (FR + BB) / SP / VS are the basics of the Scrapper rotation, and they fit fairly neatly into the 4-attack block.

Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
Note that this is a rough guideline but is not absolutely set. Movement during fights, resource management, and many other various things may take precedence over keeping a strict 6s rotation.
Additionally, you may find that placing attacks in a different order work better for you. Don't follow this as absolute law. Play around with it, and see what works for you.

The salient point about the Block Rotation is that Blaster Whip can be followed by exactly 3 attacks before being available again:
  • Back Blast can be used roughly every two Blaster Whips, or, if it's easier, you can imagine a 12s block rotation, comprised of 8 total attacks: Back Blast followed by 7 more, two of which should be Blaster Whip.
  • Shoot First, when used during a fight with Disappearing Act, should have at least 3 attacks between the previous and following Back Blast so that the damage from Flechette Round does not overlap. Also remember to keep in mind that you should have only 0 or 1 stack of Upper Hand to maximize Shoot First.
  • Vital Shot should be refreshed roughly every third Blaster Whip.
  • Getting unlucky with Flying Fist procs can cause a lot of energy issues if you stick to a rigid rotation, so don't be afraid to stagger the blocks with a Flurry of Bolts here and there if you need to conserve some energy:
[BLOCK 1: BW > Atk2 > Atk3 > Atk4][FILLER][Block 2: BW > Atk2 > Atk3 > Atk4]
  • It's also very important that, if you are at 2 stacks of Upper Hand, Sucker Punch still takes priority over Blaster Whip, even if it's available.
Table of Contents

AOE Fight / Add Phase Rotation

Don't worry about the block rotation for AOE fights. It's more of a priority system as follows:

XS Freighter Flyby (XS)
  • This attack hits an unlimited number of targets, but has a 3s cast and 9s duration, so make sure everything is grouped up (and is going to stay grouped up) when you use it.
  • It has a relatively short cooldown so that it can be used on many trash pulls between boss fights.
  • For add phases during boss fights, this is usually the only AOE skill you need to use.

Blaster Whip (BW)
  • You still need stacks of Upper Hand even in an AOE fight.
  • Priority for BW goes down the more killing blows you can land as they'll net you stacks of Upper Hand also.

Blaster Volley (BV)
  • This is a 10m conal AOE that requires and consumes 1 stack of Upper Hand.
  • It does pretty good damage, but the Upper Hand requirement sets it back a little.

Thermal Grenade (TG)
  • Thermal Grenade doesn't do as much damage as Blaster Volley, but it doesn't require Upper Hand and additionally can hit targets from 30m away.
  • Use when out of stacks of Upper Hand and as you close in from large groups from range.

(Flechette Round) + Back Blast (FR) + (BB) -
  • Flechette Round + Back Blast aren't necessarily a priority in AOE fights because of their damage, but the buffs they provide are rather significant: 30% armor penetration and 6% alacrity for each for 15s
  • Use to refresh the buffs from Flechette Round and Rolling Punches.

Table of Contents

Shoot First - and apologize about the mess later.
*Note: this section is a primer for the opener rotation below.

Shoot First will not be used that often, but it is still an important tool in the Scoundrel arsenal. It's great for throwing out an extra Flechette Round, gaining an extra stack of Upper Hand, knocking down trash with the K.O. trait, and it hits pretty hard on its own as well.
The skill explicitly states that it is only usable from Stealth and when behind the target, so it can be used at the beginning of every fight if positioned correctly; during fights, Disappearing Act allows extra uses of Shoot First.

In a normal rotation, Shoot First in a block that is between Back Blasts so that Flechette Round's DoT does not clip, so our expanded rotation from earlier is now:

[BLOCK 1: BW > BB > Atk3 > Atk4][BLOCK 2: BW > SF > Atk3 > Atk4][BLOCK 3: BW > BB > Atk3 > Atk4]

Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
Another thing to keep in mind is that BW followed by SF is 2 stacks Upper Hand, so if you really want to maximize stack effeciancy, fill in the previous block with Sucker Punches:

[BLOCK 1: BW > FR + BB > SP > SP ][BLOCK 2: BW > SF > Atk3 > Atk4]

Block 1 dumps Upper Hand while Block 2 fills it back up to 2 stacks again.

See this note about Upper Hand for more info.
Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
An easy method to help with the timing:
  • Set up CD timers in your preferences by going to Preferences > User Interface > scroll down > Cooldown Settings > check Show Cooldown Text > (Optional) Cooldown Text Settings has two sliders: Text Size and Show Tenths of a Second
  • The first is self-explanatory, and the second will denote when the timer starts showing tenths of a second (the slider goes from 1 to 10 seconds)
  • Setting the tenths of a second to a few seconds beyond 6s will give you a heads up that you need to use Shoot First.
  • I set it at 7s, so that I know when I see the decimals on Back Blast, I have 1s to set up for my next Shoot First.
  • You should select the preference to your liking; find a setting that works for you.
  • Other very simple ways include looking when Back Blast is at exactly 6s, counting 3 attacks after Back Blast, or checking the Flechette Round bleed on your target.
For many new bosses, while in stealth, you can be extremely close to them without activating the fight. I haven't tested anything shorter than 5m, but I would say ~10m is fine for most pulls. All bosses in TFB and S&V (where appropriate) allow for this.
As a Scoundrel DPS, you can even start some fights such as the Dread Guards in TFB or the Cartel Warlords in S&V since your first target will usually have no aggro table.

Some tips to getting you to the front lines before your tank pulls:
  • Rocket Boost! This can be used in stealth, and it's available as a Legacy Perk with credits or Cartel Coins (also unlocks are occasionally available on the GTN). Very useful for getting into position.
  • If you don't want to go this route, we also now have Scamper as a new ability in 2.0. This provides you with a massive increase to mobility, so use it to position yourself before fights.

Using Shoot First at the beginning of a pull is quite crucial for Scrappers. It's about a ~6-7k non-crit from the opener (with Flechette Round) and immediate access to Upper Hand buff, Sucker Punch usage, Armor Penetration buff, Alacrity buff, and a good knockdown for trash mobs with K.O.

This can be one of the hardest things to do as a Scoundrel with a tank you're unfamiliar with or has no experience with Scrapper DPS, so in a serious raid group, you will need to communicate with your tanks and raid leaders about the necessity of positioning yourself before boss fights.

Table of Contents


Unfortunately, the most optimal opening rotation for Scrapper is quite complex.
Broken down, it is mostly an expanded version of the shoot first block rotation, with a pseudo-block at the beginning.

Remember the block with Shoot First? Here's a refresher in case you forgot.

BW > FR + SF > Atk3 > Atk4

The initial opener is just the last 3/4 of this block, but the first three attacks are defined below:

Atk0 [null] > FR + SF > Vital Shot (VS) > Sucker Punch (SP)

Vital Shot is used immediately after Shoot First so that both bleeds are set up as quickly as possible. Sucker Punch is used next because after this attack, we start the block rotation, so it is followed by Blaster Whip.
Additionally, the expanded Shoot First block above will immediately follow the new pseudo-block:
  • [BLOCK 0: FR + SF > Vital Shot (VS) > Sucker Punch (SP)]
  • [BLOCK 1: BW > FR + BB > Atk3 > Atk4]
  • [BLOCK 2: BW > FR + SF > Atk3 > Atk4]
  • [BLOCK 3: BW > FR + BB > Atk3 > Atk4]
  • Vital Shot will expire during the last block.
  • The pseudo-block is exactly three attacks to help with the cadence of the block rotation.
  • Sucker Punch is listed explicitly as the third attack but not filled in elsewhere because SP usage depends on Round Two procs. It should ideally be used in every block, however.
  • Remember to stagger the blocks if you need to conserve energy.

Again, the goal is to stagger Shoot First and Back Blast so that the Flechette Round bleeds can run continuously without overlapping. Done correctly, the whole opening rotation accomplishes 24s of uninterrupted Flechette Round and deals a lot of damage very quickly. Fortunately, Disappearing Act will neutralize any aggro, but be sure to use Surrender at some point during the first 12s of the fight so that you don't pull aggro from your tank.

Quote: Originally Posted by Protip
If you want to practice a simpler opener, just open with Shoot First followed immediately by Back Blast (only use Flechette Round once though!) then follow with the normal rotation.
Practice, practice, practice on the dummy to get the opener right, and see what sorts of changes you can make so that it's more intuitive for you.
Eventually you will get used the cadence of certain fights and know when and where you'll need to make adjustments. Some fights involve a heavy movement phase within the first 10-15s, making the full opener unideal.

So with that in mind, another thing to consider is that not all of this is exactly set in stone. The most important aspect of the opener is that you build Upper Hand stacks, start putting bleeds up on your target, and start the normal rotation.

The block where you use Disappearing Act + Flechette Round + Shoot First > Atk > Atk > Atk can be used anywhere in the normal rotation and every 1m30s. Just be sure to time it exactly 6s between your Back Blasts so that your Flechette Round doesn't clip.
Table of Contents