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"I play at random hours of the day, whenever I can fit in a few hours around work and duties around the house, and therefore, guild's schedules for raiding don't suit me. A friend of mine who I play with also has these same problems.

Thank you, knew I wasn't the only one like this. In from work now I wanna do an op. I can't. Just sux!!

EDIT: A major reason we want to run the ops at level 55 ALSO is I have FINALLY got my cybertech to 450 and want some of the schems that drop in KP.....can't get em now
You had EV and KP to dribble around in for more than a year. Any raid after such a long period of time belongs in a museum, thank the gods BW didn't go completely retard by scaling EV/KP to 55, or even EC.
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