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04.29.2013 , 07:11 AM | #40
Its honestly faster for me to max out my elite comms than it is basic. Also once you are in 69 modded gear, there is no reason for elite comms other than gearing companions/alts out. At least with basic comms you can turn around and make a quick million or so credits per week selling Isotope-5 or 66 gear from the vendor.

Also...the rewards from a particular type of mission typically should make repeating similar missions easier or make more difficult ones available and doable. I wouldn't mind seeing harder space missions with better upgrades available for fleet comms or basic comms. I can't really see the need for rewarding elite comms though.

Space enemies aren't going to fear your min/maxxed 69 gear from your pilot seat. Rewarding elite comms would only serve to circumvent the more popular (and in my personal opinion more fun) challenge of hard mode flashpoints and operations.