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04.29.2013 , 06:49 AM | #14
I would really like for the tier 1 operations to be added into the group finder for level 55's as well.

I was not able to run these at level 50 as I didn't have the required gear before the expansion, and now I'm level 55 so they are no longer in my group finder.

I play at random hours of the day, whenever I can fit in a few hours around work and duties around the house, and therefore, guild's schedules for raiding don't suit me. A friend of mine who I play with also has these same problems.

The tier 1 operations being in group finder would allow us to queue for these ops and be assigned a group to run them with without the hassle and time consumption of finding or organising a group, let alone the required knowledge to lead a group (especially seeing as we haven't done them before).

Allowing level 55's to run tier 1 operations through the group finder would also reduce the queue times for the rest of the 50-54 players queuing for the tier 1 operations (assuming it's a 50-55 bracket, which it should be to reduce queue times for both groups).

Please add the tier 1 operations into the group finder for level 55 players! Level 55 players who have not run them before will find it incredibly useful, both for gearing and for experience, those who have run it before I'm sure will continue to run them, and the 50-54's will enjoy their reduced queue times and the help of the 55's.