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On my two characters :
1.Sith Assasin (deception) with healer companion. First time I was in champion gear (pvp). Now with basic gear it's easy.
-first room : use the panel, steath.CC the human. blow defensive and / or offensive cooldowns. destroy the 2 turets. vanish and heal then kill the dude.
-second room : be sure you have your cooldowns ready. use the panel. stealth. use cooldowns and focus fire the droid on the right. watch out for his death explosion (at about 15% I think. just move away from him). after he is dead vanish and heal. kill the second droid.
-third room. just CC the dude and download data.

2.Marauder with healer. First time i was in orange gear with lvl 53 mods.
-first room : CC one turet, kill second, then the dude.use offensive and defensive cooldowns.
-second room : CC one droid (i select the one with the shield) .kill the other. watch out for the explosion. kill the first one.
-third room : now this is a bit tricky be sure you have all the cooldowns ready includind Heroic moment. charge the mob. intrerupt his artillery ability when ever possible. if you cant interupt just run in another room and control your companion to come with you. dps-intrerupt-run to another room if you cant and so on. it's a brutal fight if you don't have the gear.