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On my madness sorc should I need any accuracy? I'm at 101% now and could go to 103% but I would have to lose sap strength and either 1 percent crit or alacrity from healing tree. I only pvp and I read in another thread that it doesn't make as big a difference in pvp
Well, I'm not an expert on PVP, but I know that accuracy was supposed to become important for all dps classes in 2.0. Of course, alacrity was supposed to be useful for all classes now, too, and look how that turned out. I'm pretty sure Madness Sorcs want accuracy in PVE, but I don't know if that applies to PVP as well. That said, even if you do need accuracy you should never push your basic accuracy past 100% (and your special accuracy past 110%), since those points would be better spent in surge.

This might be a question better suited for the Sorc forums, since they'll know more about the class specifics.