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Well, on the same note, there is practicality to consider. There are not too many shapes that are truly viable in space warfare for frontal assaults, when you think about it.

A ship that has a "Pyramid shape" (If you look at it directly from the front, and supposing the pyramid is on its side) can maximize its DPS because if it gets in a battle that its able to face its enemy, it can bring both its left and right, along with its top and bottom turrets to bear on the target. If the target decides to get close enough where a broadside is the only option, its sloped design allows it to bring half of its arms to bear---Turrets from the top and bottom on whatever side.

MOST any other ship that doesn't have a sloped design that is frigate size or larger can only bring half of its weapons to bear, because without a sloped design turrets would get in the way of each other in a frontal assault.--In other words, most any ship that doesn't have a sloped design is only practical in a broadside assault and would be wasting turret space in a frontal assault due to its own super-structure/weaponry being in its way.

There are other alternatives, of course, but I couldn't really recommend any of them for your 3 largest vessel types. For example, if you had a narrow ship with turrets at the top and bottom, then you could bring all turrets on your ship to bear in a broadside----But this would mean A.) You don't have all that many turrets to start with because your ship is narrow and missing space for more turrets, or B.) You have a narrow ship that will break in half under sustained fire on the narrow portions (critical weakness in the nebulon-B frigate this). Of course, this would also only be a viable design in a broadside attack--Other wise you could only fire your frontal turrets in a frontal assault, as the other turrets would get in the way. I suppose you could angle the ship so you fired all of your top or all of your bottom turrets at the target, but this brings up other issues.

There are other alternatives, of course...But the triangle design is one of the most sturdy and versatile ship designs purely because it allows you to double the amount of firepower in a frontal assault(Cause you can use your left and right side turrets), would be on equal ground in a broadside with any ship that is made for broadside attacks, and provides enough superstructure to make it a sturdier ship then most other designs would permit.

TLDR: Triangle sloped ships are one of a few superior ship designs because they allow one to maximize turrets brought to bear in frontal assaults