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Kotta tapped in some commands on the console opposite Lukarna and the wall next to him folded open. It was a mini armory and had republic soldier armor and weapons.

Kotta: Well hello there.

He said with a grin.

Lansar picked up a stealth belt.

Lansar: These might come in handy.

He put it on but left it inactive. The team headed down the stairs fast. They came to the bottom and there was no where to go. Lansar knelt down and opened a hatch on the floor. The team hoped inside. It was the tunnel leading straight to the capitol.

Lansar: This was what the Voss officials made when they fought the Gormak so long ago.

There was a terminal against the wall that was flashing.

Lukarna (through the console): " Hello? this is Captain Lukarna, anyone else? Over. "
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