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Chapter 1

Jasin knelt before the Forge, using the Force to assemble his new lightsaber. He'd lost weapons before–his first blade had been destroyed in his fight with Kira while she'd been possessed by the Emperor, shortly after the death of Darth Angral. His second weapon, with a green blade, had been taken from him when he'd been turned into a Sith by Emperor Vitiate, and been replaced with a red-bladed Sith weapon. After he'd been freed of the Emperor's power by Orgus Din, he'd modified the Sith weapon, and it had shone a blue-cyan color.

Those blades, at least, had been taken from him by Sith.

His last weapon, the same blue-cyan blade, had not been destroyed fighting Tol Braga, or the Emperor himself, nor even Darth Serevin or Darth Malgus. No, his weapon had been destroyed by a kriffing Regulator droid.

With an amused sigh, he turned his attention back to the weapon. With one quick motion, he snapped the ends of the hilt together. Standing, he took the weapon in his hand and ignited it. A small smile crossed his face as the silver-blue blade extended, lighting the gray stones around him.

"Your weapon is complete," Scourge said. "May we go now?"

"I would've thought you'd understand the necessity of a weapon," Jasin said, miffed. "After all, you Sith take more interest in violence than we do."

Scourge chuckled. "Yes, but we do not feel the need to assemble our own weapons. We are given them by our Masters when taken as apprentices, or our final trial is to find one hidden in an ancient tomb, guarded by dangerous animals or other guardians."

"Other guardians?"

Scourge nodded. "Spirits of ancient Sith, trapped in statues, brought to life by a Sith's presence, or an ancient warrior trapped in stasis; even a terentatek."

"Spirits of ancient Sith?"

Scourge nodded. "Your brother took that test, I believe."

Jasin quirked an eyebrow. "How do you know about my brother's training?"

"I am–was–the Emperor's Wrath. There was little that happened on Korriban that I did not know about. And your brother showed more promise than most."

Jasin rolled his eyes. "I'm sure he'd love that compliment."

"He should. He took my place, after all, and to be complimented by a predecessor in the Sith is a rare occasion indeed."

"That's because you kill your predecessors to take their place!"


Jasin sighed in defeat, then gave Scourge a sneaky look. "Care to test your skills?"

Scourge ignited his red-bladed saber. "Gladly."

* * *

Methic stood, arms crossed, in the Dark Council chamber.

"Well done on Makeb, Emperor's Wrath," said Darth Acina, new head of the Sphere of Technology.

"The isotope-5 will greatly aid our troopers," agreed Darth Marr. "It is a pity the Wrath cannot also be on the Council, for you would fit perfectly as a replacement for Darth Arho."

"You are too kind, my lord," Methic lied.

"I, too, retrieved the isotope-5," snarled Darth Nox. "Methic cannot be singled out."

"No one is leaving you out, Nox," said Darth Vowrawn with a laugh. "Are you jealous?"

Darth Nox: now there was a rival that needed to be eliminated. Nox was one of the very few beings in the Empire that knew Methic had a connection to the Jedi via his brother Jasin and cousin Gareb, and Nox was also the most likely to use it to his advantage. Methic could've easily killed the Twi'lek, if not for the need for discretion. He could have come up with some trumped-up charges that "the Emperor" had against Nox, but the Servants wouldn't approve. The disgusting Purebloods seemed to have a certain liking for Nox, and angering the Servants was, indirectly, angering the Emperor.

"Not jealous," Nox hissed. "Just disgusted that you all lick this man's boots because he represents a dead man."

To keep up pretenses, Methic ignited his red-bladed lightsaber and took a step forward, glaring at Nox through his mask.

"To question the Emperor's survival is to forfeit your own," he said.

Nox snorted, but relented. "Forgive me, Methic."

Methic, personally, didn't care if the Emperor was still alive or not. If so, then he could deal with the problem if and when it presented itself. If not, then good; it would be one less issue for him to get rid of when he began his plan to change the Empire for the better and extinguish the Sith.

"I must take my leave for now," Methic said. "Business calls elsewhere. But remember, I am always watching."

"Of course," Marr replied coldly.

Methic turned and walked out of the room. No sooner had he passed through the doors than Jaesa and Quinn looked up and followed at his heels.

"How did it go, my lord?" Quinn asked.

"Could've been better," Methic muttered. "Nox is presenting himself a nuisance."

"He will not prevail," Jaesa said firmly. "We have the light on our side."

Quinn smiled. "Dear Jaesa, would that we all had your confidence. Personally, I agree that we can deal with Nox easily enough, but his power base is in a good position to damage us, and badly."

"We'll deal with it when the time comes," Methic interrupted. "You two, go start up the ship and prepare for departure. When we get to Eriadu, you may take the day off and enjoy yourselves; Pierce and I can handle the issue there."

"Thank you, my lord," Quinn said, wrapping his arm around Jaesa's shoulder.

Methic nodded. "If only Vette and I got as much time together as you two did."

"Actually, Master," Jaesa said under a cough, "I was wondering if in a few days, Quinn and I might visit our parents."

Quinn coughed a little, too, and Methic fought the urge to laugh. The last time Quinn and Jaesa had gone to her parents' place on Alderaan, before they'd been a couple, it had been supremely awkward, with her mother insinuating their dating. They had not realized then that they actually would end up together. As Methic recalled, Quinn said Jaesa had related him to a refresher station.

"Of course," Methic said. "Take five days, even. Broonmark, Pierce, Vette, and I can get by, and if I need you I can go to Alderaan and pick you up."

"Thank you, Master." Jaesa smiled. "It'll also give us time alone. I know this lovely spot in the mountains, where there's a hot spring. No one ever goes there. We could enjoy ourselves, take our robes and uniform off and swim a little..."

"Sounds lovely," Quinn replied, his voice squeaking a little.

"Then go," Methic said with a laugh. "I wish Vette and I could join you, but duty calls. Have fun."