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04.28.2013 , 10:29 AM | #1
I understand that the first 3 operations are intended for lvl 50-54, and they have been out for awhile before Makeb and the cap increase. That being said there are a lot of players who may have not been able to or been very willing to do these ops at the lvl 50 mark. I know a big worry about giving everyone access to these is that you are 5 lvls over the recommended for the mission, but when you can access it at 54 I don't see why you should be locked out at 55. I myself have not been able to do them because I don't have a lot of chances to play and wanted to get better armor before getting into a section where i could let teammates down. Now that I am in a better position to actually be a helpful squadmate in these ops and finally see the stories that are happening, I find I am locked out and will need to be on a new character to see the origins of these stories. I am not asking for a new (HARD) Kragga's Palace or anything, just the ability to use Groupfinder to join others within 5 lvls of myself and be able to complete all content available. Especially when if you use your XP boosters and are a member you can sometimes reach very close to if not all the way to 55 before you even finish you main story. Just throwing it out there, though others may disagree with me on this.