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I have seen in other threads posting suggesting that getting "main game" advantage from space missions is just pain old wrong. Why should some players get a leg up from flying around in a spaceship pewpewing when everyone else is getting on with the serious business of daily/weekly repeatables, hard modes and so forth. Space missions should provide only the kinds of rewards which are useful for doing space missions.

It is quite possible that this type of thinking is influencing the devs' decisions to lower rewards from space combat.

I do not subscribe to this idea. .....
Neither do I, and this is why:
We have players saying things along the lines of "I'm doing more work and effort on hard mode ops, etc, so I should get better rewards".
If that is what is influencing decisions on gameplay, then it is based on flawed logic.
Doing more work and effort should result in MORE rewards, not BETTER rewards. All you are doing is pissing off a segment of your player base for no good reason.
Perhaps they are doing this to make more people do group content, in order to satisfy the demands of people who feel they have to wait too long to get a group to form on Group Finder. I don't know. What I do know is this is the same crap another MMO pulled, and rather than force me to choose between doing raid group heroic dungeons or getting diddly squat rewards, I chose instead to quit that game entirely.